Create your own story in 4K using just your phone or tablet.

Imagine adding a new video camera to your production with the affordability, convenience, and ease of an app download. The NDI®|HX Camera application turns any iOS or Android™ mobile device into an IP-ready live video source when connected to the same network as your NDI-compatible receiving device or production system.

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From introducing new camera angles and new vantage points to your coverage, to adding completely new dimensions to your live broadcasts, webcasts and presentations, NDI®|HX Camera App opens up a world of creative possibilities for your productions.


Add 4K live video sources to your production instantly with NDI®|HX Camera application

  • 同一のローカルネットワークにあるNDI対応の受信機器によりデバイス出力が自動認識される使い易さ
  • NDI stream works on standard network infrastructure
  • High-Medium-Low bandwidth modes
  • ビデオ撮影とインタラクティブ通信用にフロントカメラとリアカメラを選択できます
  • 理想的なフレーミングのための単純なピンチズーミングとオプションのグリッドオーバーレイ
  • オートフォーカス、オートフォーカスロックとタップ式フォーカスを含むフレキシブルなカメラフォーカスのオプション
  • 自動露出、自動露出ロックと手動露出補正で露出制御を構成可能です
  • デバイスの照明とオーディオミュート制御がワンタッチで可能です
  • プレビューとオンエア状態を確認できるオンスクリーンの接続通知とタリーディスプレイ

Get the NDI®|HX Camera App

Transform your mobile device into a webcam

For professionals working from home, NDI®|HX Camera turns a mobile device into a 4K, high quality camera system* – ideal for taking part in conference calls, bringing a source into you live production system or presenting remotely into a webinar. For everybody else, the app turns their device into webcam source that will work with popular applications like MS Teams, Skype, Zoom and many more.



*Mobile device camera must support 4K resolution



NDI®|HX Capture

Capture any compatible iOS phone into a NDI® source for your live productions, connecting with production systems, devices and applications across your local network via NDI®, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology.


Androidモバイル機器にはAndroid 6.0以上が必要です

Requires NDI® version 4 or later. iOS mobile devices require Apple® iOS 13.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone®.

Video transmission requires WiFi connection to the same local network as NDI-enabled receiving device(s).

Internet connection required for initial activation

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