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Product Descriptions

10 Word Description — The world’s only live sports production suite you can carry anywhere.

25 Word Description — No matter where your next sports production is, with 3Play Mini you can get there—and create a stadium-sized fan experience on a pocket-sized budget.

50 Word Description — 3Play Mini is a portable device that plugs into your video mixer, feeds your scoreboard display directly, and adds instant replay, slow motion, highlights, stored packages, effects, and transitions – or publishes clips live to social media. Without having to connect expensive gear, give fans an incredible viewing experience from anywhere.

100 Word Description — For sports video producers who want affordable instant replay, slow motion, and other techniques that will give their shows greater impact without the difficulty of being constrained to wherever the rack is, 3Play Mini provides a live sports production suite with dozens of audience-engaging, professional tools that producers can carry anywhere in one small solution. Unlike expensive replay systems and stacks of complex components that come at a high cost and take up lots of space, 3Play Mini lets anyone plug into a switcher or video board and turn the smallest sports productions into amazing stadium-sized fan experiences from anywhere.

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