NewTek Management

Tim Jenison - NewTek Founder

Tim Jenison is considered the visionary force behind the desktop video revolution. Jenison founded NewTek in 1985, and led the way in the development of a series of highly successful products, including DigiView (the first video digitizer for a computer), DigiPaint, and the Amiga Video Toaster®.

Jenison learned about technology and electrical equipment from his father, who ran an electrical engineering firm. At an early age, he learned to play the piano, and his keyboard talents propelled him to leave college to join a rock band—where, of course, he continually worked on ways to improve the sound equipment.

Tim Jenison was one of the early enthusiasts for personal computers. By the late 1970s, he saw the computer as the integrating medium for his various passions: electronics, music, film and video. He decided that forming a company was the best way to fuel his endeavors to create sophisticated, yet affordable video software tools that everyone could use and enjoy.



Jim Plant - CEO

Jim Plant joined NewTek in 2001. Before joining NewTek, Plant served as vice president of marketing communications at Geocast Network Systems. Prior to that, he was director of marketing and director of corporate communications at ReplayTV, Inc., a pioneering digital video recorder company. Plant is best known in the NewTek community as the founding editor-in-chief of Avid, the Amiga-Video Journal, and Video Toaster® User Magazine. As CEO of AMG Media, he oversaw the launch and development of Alpha Visual FX magazine, LightWave Pro and the Video Toaster User Expo. He began his career as the director of corporate and educational sales at HT Electronics, focusing on the sales of desktop video production and visual effects hardware and software.



Dr. Andrew Cross - President & Chief Technology Officer

In his role as President and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Cross oversees the day-to-day operation of the company, and establishes the plans and strategy for the development of the full line of NewTek products. Cross joined NewTek in 1998 as a Senior Software Engineer and further served as Director of Video Engineering and Vice President of Software Engineering. In 2011, Cross was named Chief Technology Officer. In 2014, he assumed the additional responsibilities of President.
While at NewTek, Cross led the development of NDI®, TriCaster®, 3Play®, TalkShow®, and other products in the company portfolio. Prior to joining NewTek, he worked on high-end graphics software including GenesisVFX, a special effects program for use with NewTek's LightWave 3D® animation system. Cross earned a Bachelor of Science degree from The Victoria University of Manchester, a Doctorate of Philosophy from The University of York, and has published more than 20 technical papers in peer-reviewed scientific conferences and journals.



Stephen Doubleday(ステファン・ダブルデイ) - CFO兼財務管理担当副社長

ステファン・ダブルデイは1994年にNewTekに入社しました。NewTekでの数年間、彼は財務企画および予測を統括していました。彼は20年間の会計および財務の経験をもってNewTekへ来ました。それ以前は、カンザスシティー(ミズーリ州)のPlastic Sales & Manufacturing Co. の上級副社長兼主席執行役員でした。1977年にPlastic Salesに入社以来、ダブルデイは昇進を続け、業務担当者から、財務副社長、事業部長、最終的には上級副社長の役職まで到達しました。ダブルデイの経歴は、Arthur Andersen & Co.での監査役として始まりました。彼はカンザスシティー(ミズーリ州)のロックハースト・カレッジの経営管理学コースで学士を取得しました。



Chuck Silber(チャック・シルバー) - 主席執行役員

チャックは、Avid Technologyで素晴らしい在職期間を終えた後2008年3月にNewTekに入社しました。チャックは、NewTekのリセラーのチャンネルの戦略的拡大を推進および管理し、同社の販売組織を開発および強化し、またコアとなるビデオおよび3Dアニメーション事業での収益を増やす責任を負っています。Avid Technologyでは販売サービス経営担当副社長として、チャックは50名以上の直売部隊、200名以上のサービス組織および100社以上のリセラーのネットワークを含む年間2億8000万ドルの販売および専門サービス組織を管理していました。彼は、NBC、CBS、ABC/DisneyおよびTurner Broadcastingを含む大手ブロードキャストネットワークとの1000万ドル超の契約を交渉するのに不可欠な役割を果たしました。チャックの経歴は、MicroTech Solutionsのデジタルメディアでの勤務に始まりました。そこで彼は販売担当副社長まで昇進し、2000年に新たな出発を果たしました。



Pat Grogan - 上級事業部長

Pat Grogan(パット・グローガン)は、人材、配送および荷受け、購買、施設管理および顧客サポートサービスを含む日常の会社の運営を監督します。パットは、同社が1997年にサンアントニオへ移転して以来、NewTek組織の重要なメンバーです。彼は教育およびトレーニング部長としてNewTekへ入社し、販売管理および運営統轄を含むNewTekでの多数の役割を果たしてきました。NewTekに入社前、彼はトペカのウォッシュバーン大学でプロデューサー/ディレクター、メディアセンター長および学部メンバーとして18年間勤務していました。彼はビデオプロダクションに活動的で、多くの様々なTVプログラムをウォッシュバーン・ケーブルテレビジョン向けにプロデュースしホストしました。NewTekとの関連で、彼はウォシュバーン大学のキャンパスにNewTekの認可したVideo Toaster®トレーニングセンターを設立しました。パット・グローガンは、ウォッシュバーン大学のラジオおよびテレビジョンプロダクションで学士号を、またカンザス州立大学の教育技術の修士号を所持しています。



マイケル・コーネット - 事業開発担当上級副社長

マイケルは、新たな収入の流れを作るため、NewTekのユーザーベースおよびパートナーエコシステムを組み合わせた力を活用する戦略の特定と実施についての責任を負います。より最近では、彼は主席マーケティング役員としてマーケティンググループを率い、すべてのマーケティング活動の監督およびNewTekの成長戦略の実行を担当しました。CMOの役職を受け入れる前、彼は事業開発担当副社長としてAMD、Apple、IntelおよびMicrosoftなどの他のテクノロジーリーダーとのパートナーシップを構築しました。彼は、OEM製品部門を創設し、NewTek製品ライン用に戦略的なバーティカル市場を開発するという実績も残しました。マイケルは、2002年にNewTekに入社しました。それ以前はReply TVのメディア事業開発担当副社長を務め、そこでシリーズBファイナンシングを確保し、またReplay TVの戦略的な契約および取引関係を構築しました。Replay TV以前はマイケルは、Miller Freeman Inc.のエンタテインメントテクノロジーグループのデジタルビデオ所有権のパブリッシュ部長を務め、AMG Mediaの社長およびCahnersの広告部長を兼任していました。彼はカリフォルニア大学ロサンゼルス校の卒業で、カリフォルニアの紳士録および広告業界の紳士録に投票権を持ちます。



Brian Olson — Vice President of Product Management

Brian Olson joined NewTek in 2016 to lead strategic development for new and existing product lines – guiding and designing the next generation of products that transform the video industry. Prior to joining NewTek, Olson was the Director of Marketing Product Management & Business Development at Ross Video for XPression. In this role he was responsible for global product strategy, product marketing, and business development for the XPression line of 3D motion graphics systems. Olson was also the driving force behind Ross’ entry into the virtual set & augmented reality space.

Olson also held positions at Miranda Technologies, Pinnacle Systems, the ABC affiliate in Omaha, NE, and Editech, Omaha’s premier post production facility. While at Editech, Olson worked with NewTek’s founders on the first Video Toaster demo reel. An accomplished editor, Olson was a founding partner of North Sea Films and is credited with 3 independent feature films, PBS specials, and national commercials.



Donetta Colboch – Vice President of Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, Colboch is responsible for building the NewTek brand through integrated marketing activities that increase global market penetration, drive customer growth and revenue performance. Colboch joined NewTek in 1990 and has provided marketing leadership through many of the company’s milestones including Video Toaster, LightWave 3D, TriCaster and the latest move into IP video production solutions. Prior to assuming the role as Vice President of Marketing, Colboch most recently served as the Senior Director of Global Demand Generation and Marketing Operations. In this role, Colboch implemented marketing automation and integrated digital marketing campaigns for the company.

Before joining NewTek, Colboch worked in the television and radio broadcast industry as a commercial producer and director, in addition to working several years in the advertising agency business. Colboch has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Kansas State University in Broadcast Media.



Rex Olson - Vice President of Media Production

Rex Olson oversees the planning and production of marketing video content, trade show presentations and corporate webcasts. His previous position was Vice President of Content Development. Prior to joining NewTek, Rex was owner of Desktop Images a producer and publisher of video training products for digital video production and 3D animation software. Rex was also owner of RAVE Video Production Facilities, a full service video production facility based in Burbank, California. Rex began his professional career in marketing support at Warner Bros Records later moving into live multi-track mobile recording at Tim Pinch Recording and Walley Heider Recording both as audio engineer and remote department manager.



Don Ballance - VP of Training Development – Worldwide

Don Ballance manages the worldwide training group responsible for TriCaster and 3Play certification and curriculum, and also serves as the dean of NewTek University, a comprehensive training course for NewTek resellers. Throughout the company, Don is best known for his unique ability to enthusiastically explain video technology in a way that everyone can understand. That talent has served him well in his current training role and as a presenter at many major tradeshows.

His video career began in 1986, and Don has been part of the NewTek family since 1990. Throughout his tenure with the company, he has held positions as a product manager, sales rep, sales engineer, and developer. Not surprisingly, Don also served in several product-training roles throughout the company before his current position.



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