Meet NewTek Experts at the <strong>KitPlus Shows</strong>

Meet NewTek Experts at the KitPlus Shows

September 30th & October 4th 2022

Twickenham & Bristol

Headed to the KitPlus shows in Twickenham or Bristol?

NewTek has enabled remote production, connectivity and flexibility, to meet the challenges of delivering AV experiences in these rapidly changing times for corporate, education, legal, sports, live events and basically anywhere video is required.

Join us in Twickenham and Bristol to hear Damian Constable from MMS Media 360, discuss how he and his traveling media hub (van!) go around the UK to deliver broadcast quality experiences to remote and local participants with NewTek solutions.

Since adopting NewTek’s iconic TriCaster line, MMS Media 360 has grown 600%.

Also happening at the shows is a special seminar hosted by NewTek Professional Services titled, The world is your studio. In this session you can learn more about NewTek and its innovation-led solutions that have been successful in bringing forth efficiencies, cost reductions, continuity. There will also be a Q&A opportunity to get any of your workflow questions answered.

On display at the show will be TriCaster Mini, TriCaster and 3Play3P2 demos and training firsthand with NewTek Professional Services and DigiBox team.

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