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Wireless TriCaster Control with TouchOSC

August 06, 2015 by Chuck Baker

NewTek product expert Kane Petersen shows you how to set up your iPad or Android tablet for wireless control of your TriCaster.

Bonus Files:

Here, in two .zip files, are layouts and macros that you can load onto your systems after watching the video.

Layouts and Macros for Rev2-4

Layout and Macros for TCAE

The two zip files have similar contents, but there are a few adjustments to the files in the ‘TCAE’ zip for features found on TriCaster Advanced Edition.

In both zip files, the layouts are designed for an iPad size screen.  They can be loaded on an Android tablet, but since there are many different screen resolutions on Android tablets, they may require some adjustment to fit the screen for your particular device.  Also, the layouts have all of the functions found on a TriCaster 8000; they will work on other models, but will have some buttons that, in some cases, might not do anything.

More tutorials by Kane Peterson:


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