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Using NewTek NDI® PTZ1 Camera with SKAARHOJ PTZ Controllers

June 13, 2018 by Chuck Baker

Kasper Skårhøj, president and chief designer at SKAARHOJ, demonstrates how to use their PTZ Pro and PTZ Fly IP based joystick controllers with the NewTek NDI® PTZ1 robotic camera. Despite the physical differences between the two controllers, the demonstrations in the video show that the capabilities are the same. Both control all aspects of the NDI PTZ1 camera including calibrations and adjustments, both offer preset capabilities, and more. The choice is much less about capability then, but rather which form factor is the best fit for your studio or OB truck space and desired workflow.

The tutorial shows quite well one of the advantages that IP workflow offers. Traditional dedicated cabling for communications and control of a robotic camera would limit the user to attaching one controller at a time, and require unplugging, moving and re-plugging cables or adding a switching device and supporting additional cabling to change between them.

Here, both of the controllers plus the camera are all on the network, and either controller can be used to operate the camera at will. This is because unlike the usual case with forms of dedicated cabling for video production and remote control, IP networks operate bi-directionally, and IP protocols can take advantage of this. For example, NewTek’s NDI technology carries audio, video, metadata, and communications bi-directionally, and NDI-enabled devices are automatically aware of one another via NDI’s auto discovery technology.

The robotic camera control protocol in use here also has bi-directional capability. The user saves the cost, labor, complexity and limitations of dedicated cabling and instead uses the standard network, likely already in place.

SKAARHOJ’s PTZ Pro and PTZ Fly controllers use the Sony VISCA robotic camera control protocols, which have been adopted by many manufacturers within the industry. NewTek has implemented VISCA over IP in the NDI PTZ1 camera and the SKAARHOJ controllers support this capability. Like the NDI PTZ1, they are also able to operate with a single cable connection where Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is available. This allows for a much simpler but also far more flexible infrastructure both for studio facilities and for mobile production.

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SKAARHOJ PTZ Pro controller diagram

SKAARHOJ PTZ Fly controller diagram

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