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NewsMaker Systems NewsCaster and TriCaster Workflow Overview

September 29, 2016 by Chuck Baker

The good folks at NewsMaker Systems have shared a video tutorial on how NewsCaster works with TriCaster and LiveText. For this overview, the demonstrator shows how NewsCaster works in tandem with the newsroom production system, in this case, AP ENPS 7 software. The principles would be the same with any of this class of products.

NewsMaker Systems provides full automation of the integration between newsroom production systems and a TriCaster, for complete news production and playout control. Supported broadcast newsroom production systems include ANNova OpenMedia, AP ENPS, Avid iNews, Octopus, and Ross Inception. NewsMaker Systems also integrates NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI®), for IP video production workflows across their product line.

Learn more about NewsMaker Systems in NewTek Studio Blog: NewsMaker Systems Adopts Software-Driven IP Workflows with NewTek NDI®

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