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Introduction to NewTek NDI® PTZ Camera

February 26, 2018 by Rex Olson and Chuck Baker

NewTek NDI® PTZ1 Camera - Connect, capture and control with a single cable

Rex Olson provides a tour of the features and capabilities of the NewTek NDI® PTZ Camera, the first professional remote controlled camera that only needs one cable for operation. Major features:

  • Video, audio, control, tally and power are all connected over a single ethernet cable making equipment setup quick and easy.
  • This PTZ or Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera can be controlled using any NDI enabled production system or application.
  • Advanced camera controls can be accessed through a simple web browser interface on any Windows or Mac computer, by installing the NDI|HX driver freely available for download at NewTek’s website.
  • Using the NDI Studio Monitor application included with the NDI|HX driver installer, you can control the camera, view the full resolution output and Iso Record the output on any Windows or Mac computer.

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