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2-Minute Tutorial: How to Move a Virtual Camera in TriCaster Virtual Sets

June 23, 2016 by Chuck Baker

In an earlier 2-Minute Tutorial video, Don Ballance showed you how to set up a TriCaster Advanced Edition LiveSet virtual set in a Mix/Effects (M/E) bus. While one requirement of virtual sets is that we are always working with a locked down camera that never moves, TriCaster Advanced Edition provides the ability to do “virtual” camera moves.


Once a  LiveSet is loaded into an M/E bus, you can use the T-Bar to zoom the virtual camera in and out.


Once you have the zoom you want, look just below the T-Bar for the Positioner button.  You can left-click and drag on it, and position that camera wherever you want left-to-right and top-to-bottom of the frame. For example, we can center up our close-up shot here.


When you have a given shot properly framed, such as the close-up shot shown here, you’ll want to save this as a preset. To do that, click on the Composition button above the T-Bar to open the Composition window, select any Composition Preset location, and click the “camera” icon that appears when you mouse over a location, to make the current shot a preset.


You will also want to have that wide shot as a preset, so you can zoom all the way back out wide again, open the Comp window, click the camera icon in a new slot and now have a wide shot preset.


In the video, you can see that when the operator clicks on this preset, it is going to bring in the close-up shot, but it is traveling very slowly. You can change the speed setting on the M/E preview just left of the T-Bar.   Select from the Slow/Medium/Fast speed options from the dropdown, or left-click and drag to set a custom speed, such as really fast transition time. Then click your wide shot preset to go wide again, at the custom speed.


You can easily and quickly set up a variety of these shot presets.  Let’s say you want to have a shot with both the talent and the monitor in view: you simply zoom and position the shot, open the Composition window and take another snapshot. We now have that as another one of our options as we are moving the virtual camera throughout the virtual environment.

We hope this video has been helpful to you. If you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a 2-Minute Tutorial, please send us a message.

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