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Videomaker Reviews NewTek Connect Spark

If you do live switching and are sick of long cables, the NewTek Connect Spark is an innovative solution. It can wirelessly transmit an HD video signal over a network to a NDI enabled video switcher.

Videomaker reviews NewTek Connect Spark HDMI-2-NDI converter model which supports up to 1080p video over standard local networks and wifi. The unit includes recording capabilities, both local onboard and to remote systems running compatible NDI applications, and tally lights that indicate when the video feed is active on program or preview output of compatible NDI-enabled switchers. The review looks at the setup process, the capabilities in action, and their view of the strengths, weaknesses, and best ways to use the product.

With regard to setup, they quickly concur with NewTek’s instruction in the product’s manual: for initial setup attach a network cable and connect it to your local network first, then power up for the first time, so that your network can assign the unit an IP address. This is essential for the most flexible operation with the Connect Spark. Once on, take the time to follow the manual’s directions for configuration, and to enter the name and password for the wireless network you want the unit to use, if you wish to use it wirelessly.

Among the comments:

The NewTek Connect Spark is a simple tool that does a whole heck of a lot. Not only will it transmit an HDMI or SDI signal wirelessly over existing network infrastructure to an NDI enabled switcher, but it will also loop record to an SD card or USB hard drive.

Moreover, you don’t even need a storage device to be physically connected to the Spark. You can record the signal from any NDI enabled system you have connected to it.

The fact is that it works great, gives you wireless transmission along with onboard capture and, if you use an NDI system, you will kick yourself for not thinking about going wireless when you’re running long cables and trying to hide them.

Another important comment in the review is that users will find optional third party mounting hardware and power options very desirable for making cameras wireless. They don’t name it, but the third party solution for mounting Connect Spark directly to a camera with either battery or D-Tap power options is SparkMount from Mobile Studios, and kits are available either directly from Mobile Studios, or from the NDICentral store (links below).

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