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NewTek IP Series and TriCaster® TC1 Free Update

NewTek is pleased to release a free update for NewTek IP Series and TriCaster® TC1. The changes include:

  • Multiviewer Volume Sliders
  • Supplemental Audio Output Devices
  • Buffer Controls
  • Configuration Menu Grouping and Nesting
  • Intelligent Configuration Panels
  • COMP Panel Control
  • Playlist Panel Control
  • Touchscreen Support
  • Data Presets
  • Camera Settings and Control
  • Device Webpage
  • PTZ Capacity
  • Multi-Engine Workflow*
  • Adaptive Monitoring
  • Large Canvas
  • Sports Title Templates
  • Title Export
  • Notifications Activity Center
  • Notifications Counter
  • Notifications Priority
  • External Recorders
  • External Replay Clips
  • Express Mode
  • Source Switching
  • LiveMatte Pro

* Exclusive to NewTek IP Series

And now for the details:


Multiviewer Volume Sliders

Optionally manage audio levels from the viewports of the multiviewer, with volume control sliders built into the on-screen VU meters.

Supplemental Audio Output Devices

Optionally supply supported audio signals to select Microsoft® Windows® playback devices, including virtual sound cards.


Buffer Controls

Manage buffer configuration quickly and easily with an icon-based control scheme comprised of individual, interactive buttons for configuration, asset management, title editing, and unloading.

Configuration Menu Grouping and Nesting

Access and manage the configurable elements of any input source more efficiently, with tab-based grouping of related functions and the ability to expand or collapse menus as needed.

Intelligent Configuration Panels

Save time during setup with context-sensitive configuration panels that include all applicable controls, automatically store designated settings, and dynamically update as you cycle through different input and source types.


COMP Panel Control

Access, assign, and apply COMP presets directly from the configuration panel of any M/E bus.

Playlist Panel Control

Access the active playlist and control panel for any media player directly from the configuration panel.

Touchscreen Support

Optionally connect a compatible touchscreen display to interact with the user interface and perform live production functions using simple, familiar touch gestures.


Data Presets

Store frequently used text and images as easily accessible presets to accelerate graphics production and live titling workflows.


Camera Settings and Control

Manage settings for connected cameras as supported, to include focus, iris, and white balance, plus access and operate PTZ controls for applicable sources, directly from the configuration panel.

Device Webpage

Access the discrete device webpage served by any applicable input source (such as the NewTek NDI® PTZ Camera) directly from its input configuration panel.

PTZ Capacity

Enjoy the capacity and flexibility to assign a different PTZ camera to any and every external source available on your system, including up to 16 simultaneous on TriCaster TC1 and 44 simultaneous on the NewTek IP Series Video Mix Engine.


Multi-Engine Workflow*

Quickly and seamlessly switch over the NewTek IP Series 4-Stripe Control Panel or 2-Stripe Control to operate another Video Mix Engine on the network as part of a multi-engine workflow.
* Exclusive to NewTek IP Series


Adaptive Monitoring

Maximize your screen usage with smart workspaces that automatically adjust the size and layout of multiviewer windows according to your user interface configuration and the available space on your display.


Large Canvas

Customize titles and graphics within the primary configuration panel, or optionally open a larger dedicated canvas to review and edit templates.

Sports Title Templates

Choose from a variety of live title templates designed to enhance sports productions, including scoreboard graphics with integrated DataLink fields for input of real-time scoring and game clock data.

Title Export

Open any title template, edit to preference, then export the completed asset as a new file available for immediate production use, sharing, or adding to your content library.


Notifications Activity Center

Keep close tabs on system activity, including file imports, routine notifications, and error messages, and perform select related functions with a convenient in-session panel.

Notifications Counter

Easily determine the presence and number of new system notifications with a convenient counter badge for the dashboard icon.

Notifications Priority



External Recorders (replaces External Recorder Control)



External Replay Clips



Express Mode

ユーザー・インターフェイスのデフォルト・ペインを折りたたみ、シングル・ストライプ・スイッチャー、拡張されたマルチビューア、自動トランジション、直感的な DSK 委任とアプリケーションに対応する合理化されたワークフローおよび強化されたタッチスクリーン操作を実現します。

Source Switching



LiveMatte Pro (updates LiveMatte)


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NewTek IP Series, TriCaster TC1,

NewTek IP Series, TriCaster TC1,






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